A Bio.
Brief, but good.

I was born in Kuwait to Pakistani parents and came to the U.S. at the age of nine. From attending a private international school with dozens of nationalities, to unexpectedly parachuting into a racially divided public school in 1990 Deep South, was, to say the least, dizzying.

As an immigrant South Asian kid who felt completely misplaced, it was internal chaos.

The experience taught me resilience and adaptation. It gave birth to the life-altering creative force that resides within me and fuels my conviction as an artist. It's in my constitution. The possibilities of imagination was the only thing that gave me solace in times of crisis, including that of identity and belonging. To share my passion with the world is a gift I've embraced. To share this journey with you makes the experience that much sweeter.

find that insatiable, magnetic, magical, powerful energy in you.
Then take off.

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